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In concept, all 3.3V logic stage sensors ought to work with Arduino and RPI merchandise, because the Arduino can detect the three.3V stage from the sensor output as a logic stage excessive. All logic-level managed 3.3V actuators may be pushed by each Arduino and RPI merchandise too, supplied you utilize a resistor, or ideally a voltage divider, which is extremely low-cost and small, because it's simply two resistors. When you're seeing 3.6V logic ranges, a single resistor needs to be effective in sequence with the road, it might not want a voltage divider, i.e. you may current-limit to stop injury. With sluggish sensors, a single 10k resistor could also be effective, in any other case think about (say) 1k. For hobby-grade tasks, I feel this isn't an unreasonable stability between price, effort and threat.

All 3.3V logic stage I2C gadgets may be linked to Arduino and RPI too, because the I2C resistors may be linked to three.3V if they don't seem to be already linked there (disable any pull-up to 5V in software program if the Arduino does that).

For UART gadgets, once more the three.3V gadgets will likely be suitable with Arduino and RPI, supplied that if the transmit path from Arduino to the gadget is linked then a voltage divider is required. This solely leaves SPI as the problem, for which stage converters would most probably be wanted, for those who have been utilizing the Arduino Uno - however in lots of instances the SPI gadgets are extra complicated and may have the efficiency of an RPI product slightly than Arduino anyway.

In abstract, it is undoubtedly higher to standardize on 3.3V logic in my view, except you actually cannot discover a appropriate 3.3V stage sensor at an inexpensive worth, wherein case you don't have any alternative however to do stage conversion not directly for indicators coming into the RPI merchandise. Additionally, there are various improvement boards apart from Uno, and so they nearly all use 3.3V logic ranges, e.g. most of the different Arduino boards.

One other level is that though Arduino Uno will work with 3.3V logic stage inputs with out stage conversion, the three.3V microcontrollers will not work with all gadgets that settle for 5V logic ranges, with out stage conversion. So it is but another excuse to want 3.3V logic stage gadgets.

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