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I at present have a TrueNAS SCALE server operating greater than 40 containers. I'm very joyful about it, nevertheless I want to externalize the next apps with a view to hold them up when the NAS is unavailable: Nginx Proxy supervisor, Authelia, uptime-kuma, Adguard Dwelling, Homer and possibly portainer.

As you may see, nothing requiring a number of energy. I'm planning to make use of a Raspberry Pi to do it, however I am unsure what mannequin ought to I purchase (or even when it is a good suggestion) and would actually recognize any assist to take the nice choice. Listed below are my necessities:

- utilizing as much less energy as potential

- Ethernet

- have the ability to run Docker

- have the ability to management the system in a browser could be good, however SSH is okay too.

Would a Pi Zero W with an USB to ethernet adapter be sufficient? Or ought to I search for one thing extra highly effective?

Thanks for you assist.

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