Raspberry Pi BMO is Totally Assembled and Prepared for OctoPrint

In a latest episode of our weekly Raspberry Pi podcast, The PiCast, we had the consideration of that includes developer and Artist Geeky Faye Artwork who’s been arduous at work creating an enormous BMO figure, a personality from the present Journey Time, with a Raspberry Pi inside. In keeping with Geeky Faye Artwork, the purpose of this venture is to create a determine that appears like BMO, talks like BMO, and runs OctoPrint, an open-source system developed only for the Raspberry Pi to assist handle and management 3D printers.

Inside BMO, you’ll discover a Raspberry Pi with a devoted display screen the place BMO’s face normally is. A speaker is mounted contained in the physique for audio output. A customized PCB was developed to make the front-facing buttons practical. These buttons look identical to the originals discovered on BMO and are printed utilizing PLA filament.

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