Raspberry Pi Reads What It Sees, Delights Kids

[Geyes30]’s Raspberry Pi venture does one factor: it finds arbitrary text in the camera’s view and reads it out loud. Does it achieve this flawlessly? Probably not. Was it not less than easy to place collectively? Additionally no, nevertheless it does splendidly illustrate the method of gluing collectively totally different bits of performance to make one thing new. Additionally, [geyes30]’s children discover it fascinating, and that’s a win all by itself.

The machine is made out of a Raspberry Pi and digicam and works by sending a nonetheless picture from the digicam to an optical character recognition (OCR) program, which converts any seen textual content within the picture to its ASCII illustration. The acknowledged textual content is then piped to the espeak engine and spoken aloud. Getting all of the instruments to play properly took a bit of labor, however [geyes30] documented all the things so properly that even a novice ought to be capable of get the venture up and working in a day.

Typically a perform like text-to-speech is an finish lead to and of itself. This was additionally true of one other related venture: Magic Mirror, whose purpose was to tirelessly indulge children’s curiosity about language.

Seeing different initiatives come to life and studying about new instruments is a good way to get new concepts, and documenting them helps cross-pollinate amongst artistic varieties. Did one thing encourage you lately, or have you ever documented your individual venture? We wish to hear about it and so do others, so let us know via the tips line!

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