PWM from a Raspberry Pi to a Sunon 24v 4-pin fan : raspberry_pi

I am attempting to enhance my 3D printer's part-cooling fan setup. Bought my palms on two Sunon MF50152VX Q99 blower followers; they're 24V 4-pin "R sort" PWM, rated at 1.95W every.

The two-pin PWM supplied by my printer's mainboard is not appropriate for these followers, so I would wish to hook them as much as my RPi4b and let it deal with them (through Klipper's software program PWM). If I run the followers' 24v energy and floor wires to my printer's 24v provide, then I am left with the sign and tach wires to connect to the Pi, and I am unsure how to try this correctly. What voltage is the fan anticipating on the sign pin, and what wouldn't it put out on the tach pin? Will I would like a transistor and/or capacitor or flyback diode, or is that each one constructed into the fan?

I am having actual difficulties discovering detailed specs on this mannequin fan, although it's apparently a preferred one for 3D printers. The Sunon official catalogue ( would not appear to checklist any 24V PWM followers in any respect, which has me at a loss. Anybody know correctly and safely management one among these followers with out frying my Pi?

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