Distinctive Pomodoro Timer Shows Quotes Whereas You Work

[zorbash] got here up with an excellent aspect challenge whereas designing a technique to learn notes and highlighted sections from e-books with out having to make use of Good Reads or the Amazon device: build a gadget to display a parade of quotes from favorite authors and their books. The challenge known as Mind as a result of it’s constructed on an IoT platform referred to as Nerves.

As a bonus, the gadget features as a Pomodoro timer of types — that’s the time administration technique the place you're employed for 25-minute intervals and take 5-minute breaks in between, with an extended break each 4 Pomodoros. Mind shows a quote for 25 minutes after which flashes the display to attract [zorbash]’s consideration to the truth that time is up. We expect it is a good, unobtrusive technique to do issues. There are not any breaks in-built, however that’s simply how [zorbash] rolls.

The quotes are fetched utilizing Bookworm, a script [zorbash] wrote that’s accessible on GitHub. It makes use of a Raspberry Pi 2 B, an SD card to retailer the JSON’d quotes, and a Wi-Fi dongle to permit the fetching. If you happen to’re questioning concerning the enclosure, it’s made from clay.

If you happen to like your Pomodoro timers a bit of extra bodily, here’s one that starts as soon as you plug it in to a USB port.

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