software program set up – Methods to set up Web Explorer on Raspberry Pi working Ubuntu 21.04?

I did a little bit of digging. Dissenter browser is accessible just for the common PC CPUs. Your system has an ARM CPU, and there is no obtain for that.

In your footwear I would just chunk the bullet and select a unique privacy-enhanced browser. There are lots of, Dissenter being the least well-known. Simply google for privateness browser arm64 and you will find choices. You would possibly be capable of set up one simply with commonplace apt-get set up or Ubuntu's graphical bundle supervisor.

The one risk at this level to get Dissenter working in your {hardware} is that to construct it. The supply code is accessible as a plugin for a number of browsers. Additionally Dissenter's core seems to be accessible, however that is a bit complicated because it's referring to Courageous.

I might counsel making an attempt constructing solely as soon as your expertise have developed to the purpose the place you will discover stuff independently and know how to. Constructing from supply results in a rabbit gap affectionately referred to as Dependency Hell, and with out some actual talent and know-how getting out of it's ... let's simply say difficult. Talking from expertise.

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