Beginning Reaper on startup Raspberry Pi

I'm attempting to get the appliance Reaper to start out as quickly as my Pi has turned on. I've tried many strategies to try to obtain this that did not work together with:

Firstly I used Cron to Schedule a Program

'@/usr/native/bin/reaper &'

Secondly, I went to the autostart folder and pasted within the location of the appliance:

sudo nano /and many others/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart 

Thirdly I created a brand new file within the autostart listing:

sudo nano /and many others/xdg/autostart/show.desktop

// And added:

[Desktop Entry]

After attempting all of those choices I did not know what to attempt subsequent, did I makes use of these strategies accurately? Are there every other environment friendly methods somebody might suggest please?

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