apt – The audio of Raspberry Pi 4b sounds bizarre

I've upgraded the RPI OS to Debian 11 by including the repository to the sources.checklist. I've finished it a number of occasions, and all the time I've the identical drawback: After the improve from Debian 10, the sound is unusual. However it isn't your complete sound having the issues, as a result of issues like Youtube or vlc have a traditional audio. However it is rather totally different on the subject of video games or different packages like M.A.R.S or the Minuet. Perhaps there's a library lacking or one thing must be corrected in a Config file.

P.S: I do know that Debian 11 isn't formally supported, however I want a brand new packages.

Edit: I didn't know concerning the official help, however I imply: It's on-line because the eighth November(1 week in the past)

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