Do I would like a z-wave usb stick to attach a HA docker occasion on a raspberry pi to Ring alarm and different z-wave units? : homeassistant

I’ve ordered my first raspberry pi and am studying up on find out how to use HA to connect with my Ring alarm system & cameras, in addition to different z-wave units which might be related to the Ring hub.

One factor I’m unclear on: do I have to order a usb z-wave stick? I see them referenced in a lot of the set up guides and movies, however possibly that's provided that you don’t have a z-wave hub… and I’m assuming the Ring can proceed to operate as a hub because it does right this moment?

Any ideas on this? (Hoped to have all the things I have to work on this when it arrives)

BTW: I’m leaning in direction of utilizing HA through docker so I can produce other issues working on the Pi (e.g. NAS). Undecided if that modifications something with how HA capabilities with z-wave.

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