Tips on how to debug on Raspberry Pi Zero once I intent to make use of the USB port? : raspberry_pi

Hey guys!

In brief, I need to plug a USB stick within the USB slot and shuffle the names of the recordsdata on it. I've set the Raspi up and it is working. I can connect with it by way of ssh with the USB cable. To detect and execute my script I've to detect when the stick is plugged in by way of the udev guidelines. However I am unable to determine the identify and so forth of the USB stick as a result of I can both plug the USB in or entry the Raspi by way of ssh, however not each concurrently I solely have one USB port.

Now the query: Can I/Ought to I exploit a USB Hub for debugging? Or what is an efficient manner of debugging it?

I'm utilizing Home windows on my PC and Raspbian on the Pi. I attempted gathering the ID of the stick from my Home windows, nevertheless it doesn't appear to work.

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