is my raspberry pi 4 useless? : raspberry_pi

i bought my raspberry pi 4 like 6 months in the past and lately i up to date it to raspbian bullseye however it had some points... at first the boot information some how bought corrupted and that i needed to reflash it, than after some days every little thing stopped working

there isn't a ACT_LED mild with or with out the sdcard, "sdcard-boot", "usb-boot" and the unique eeprom replace picture (from github) does not work, additionally it does not take sufficient ampere (i get shoked after I contact the bottom and looks like it is useless)

is it useless? And the way am i able to repair it? (I am asking this as a result of i did not purchase it myself and that i bought it as a present, additionally i can get one atleast in 11 years or 3 years when i get a job ;-;)

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