What are technical challenges of implementing DRAM reminiscence modules on SBC like Raspberry PI?

I am shocked to see no Single-Board Laptop together with Raspberry PI has reminiscence modules for enable for versatile quantity of reminiscence (e.g. this review). And I've not discovered such discussions through net search, for PI I've discovered solely that put up on PI website Improve RAM with a laptop's memory module:

No, not potential. The Pi doesn't have a reminiscence socket of any description - reminiscence is soldered to the board.

No feedback why, no feedback whether or not it's in plans. I perceive kind issue is just not massive and it's densely packed already, however as quantity of DRAM is necessary to many (IMO), why none of producers make at the least one mannequin with a detachable SO-DIMM module? Any explicit technical challenges?

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