Raspberry pi as a vpn router. : WireGuard

Hope y'all are doing nice.
I've made raspberry as a vpn router as website A, say with wlan0 gateway as( .
At Web site B there's a distant digital ocean occasion.
Web site A and B are linked over WireGuard.
I've setup WireGuard in such a manner that wg0 at website B is aware of who's speaking behind the nat from website A.
Say a cellular linked to raspberry pi has an ip assigned as, a Laptop computer assigned by pi as On analyzing visitors at wg0 interface on website B, it exhibits which gadget(ip) is sending the packets.
Is it doable for wg0 at website B to know the hostname as nicely with the gadget native ips?
Additionally, I can ping by way of hostname(say Macbook.native ,....) to every gadget from raspberry pi, can I ping by way of hostname from website B as nicely?
Apologise if it doesn't make any sense

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