python – Transferring the cursor UP and Down in 20×4 LCD show utilizing Raspberry Pi

I'm attempting to implement a variety cursor in 20x4 LCD Show. I've 4 {hardware} push buttons every have completely different use instances as talked about under

Button 1 ------> Display screen Reset

Button 2 ------> Transfer Up

Button 3 ------> Transfer Down

Button 4 ------> Residence

Have applied Button1 efficiently and have to program Button2,3 and 4's performance. The factor I want is to maneuver up and down over every row of the LCD show by urgent Buttons 2 and three. Think about that You may have a 20x4 LCD show with 4 choices on every row.

Row1 ---> Welcome display

Row2 ---> Menu

Row3 ---> Password change

Row4 ---> Assist

Initially, the cursor will probably be in row 1. Once I press Button 3 (Transfer Down) the cursor ought to transfer down and permit me to pick out that choice and once I press Button 2 (Transfer Up) the cursor ought to transfer up and permit me to pick out that choice. Likewise, I want to maneuver up and down between every choice and choose the required one. Is it doable to implement this utilizing Raspberry Pi4 and 20x4 LCD show with I2C module?

I'm utilizing library for driving the 20x4 LCD show and gpiozero library for accessing Rpi's GPIO's. Please assist me to attain this.



Controller: Raspberry Pi4

Show gadget : 20x4 LCD show with I2C module

Software program

Programming Language: Python3.7

LCD library:

GPIO library: gpiozero

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