Automated Mushroom Cultivation Yields Scrumptious Fried Goodies

[Kyle Gabriel] is aware of mushrooms, and his years of expertise actually shine via in his thorough documentation of an automated mushroom cultivation environment, created with off-the-shelf sensors and {hardware} as a lot as potential. The outcomes communicate for themselves, with some scrumptious fried oyster mushrooms to point out for it!

Fried oyster mushrooms, grown from scratch.

Essentially the most influential situations for mushroom cultivation are temperature, humidity, and CO2 focus, and to automate dealing with the environmental situations [Kyle] created Mycodo, an open-source system that leverages cheap {hardware} and components whereas additionally being able to take common photographs to control issues.

Calling [Kyle]’s documentation “complete” doesn’t do it justice, and he addresses every little thing from organising a optimistic strain air filtration system for a piece space, to the right way to get usable cultures from foraged mushrooms, right through development and harvesting. He even features a delicious-looking recipe for fried mushrooms. It simply doesn’t get extra complete than that.

We’ve seen [Kyle]’s earlier work earlier than, and it’s implausible to see the continued refinement. Take a look at a tour of the entire thing within the video embedded beneath (or skip to 16:11 if you wish to make your self hungry.)

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