Moveable PI Powered Music Participant

There was a short time within the early 2000s after we carried cellphones, wallets, keys, and a bespoke digital media participant loaded with a small collection of our music libraries. Units like iPods, Zunes, Sandisk Sansa, and iRiver. Then as cell telephones gained extra storage and processing energy, the 2 units grew to become one, and audio gamers slipped to obscurity as sports activities equipment. Maybe in that vein, [BalderDragonSlayer] made his own Raspberry Pi-powered media player.

The machine was cobbled collectively utilizing a Raspberry Pi Zero, an Adafruit OLED bonnet, a LiPo charger, and an inexpensive USB DAC. The interface software program is written in python, which has all of your normal participant controls, utilizing the directional joystick and two pushbuttons on the bonnet. DietPi is a slimmed-down Linux that provides an impressively quick boot time, which is why it was picked for this challenge. The case was a easy challenge case with some holes dremeled into the face for the display screen and buttons.

It's a fantastic little challenge that appears fantastic for walks within the park. This isn’t the primary Pi-powered media player we’ve seen before. However we’re hoping we see extra sooner or later.

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