How To Twin Boot Your Raspberry Pi

Linux customers will likely be acquainted with twin booting their techniques. We frequently have Linux working alongside Home windows, or one other Linux distro. The Raspberry Pi, itself a small $35 Linux pc, is not notably well-known for twin booting, however it may be achieved; all we'd like is a little bit assist.

PINN is a website which creates a customized set up script tailor-made to our particular necessities. With PINN, we will set up a number of OSes to a single micro SD card or USB stick. PINN doesn’t obtain an OS to our playing cards, relatively it creates an set up file that when run on our Raspberry Pi, will mechanically obtain and set up all of our OS selections. From there all we have to do is reboot, select a brand new OS and we're able to create extra nice Raspberry Pi tasks. 

For This Undertaking You Will Want

  1. A Raspberry Pi, we selected a Raspberry Pi 4
  2. 32GB FAT32 formatted micro SD card
  3. Ethernet connection on your Raspberry Pi
  4. Keyboard, mouse, HDMI, and energy on your Raspberry Pi
  5. A PC

create a customized set up with PINN

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