Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Will get Sneaky Replace

The Broadcom SoC within the Raspberry Pi 4 Mannequin B has been quietly updated to match the one within the Raspberry Pi 400, in line with St Louis-based app developer (and extra importantly, Pi Cast guest) Jeff Geerling.

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The boards from the Pi 4 and 400 side by side

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The SoC from a Raspberry Pi 400

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The SoC From a Pi 4 Model B

(Picture credit score: Raspberry Pi Basis)

Geerling seen the change after shopping for a brand new Raspberry Pi 4, an 8GB mannequin, to switch a damaged board, and recognizing that one character within the mannequin quantity on considered one of its chips had modified. The BCM2711 is the SoC (System on Chip), the entire mind of the Raspberry Pi housing its CPU, GPU, and the PCIe hyperlink that connects the USB ports. Beforehand, its mannequin quantity has led to B0T, however Geerling’s new child has a mannequin quantity ending C0T, matching that used within the Raspberry Pi 400’s SoC.

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