Examples of applications with the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry has almost unlimited uses. These include, for example, the Raspberry Pi as a media center, streaming server, NAS home server or as a particularly inexpensive and compact PC replacement. Other applications are:
Reader for the CAN bus system in the car, Home automation and control of radio sockets,
Control of drones,
own cloud server,
Game console,

Raspberry Pi - what is it actually?
A Raspberry Pi is a fully fledged computer, only in mini format.
A Raspberry Pi is a so-called single-board computer. This means that all the
electronic components required for operation - apart from the power supply
unit - are housed on a single circuit board.
The mini-computer got its name from the British Raspberry Pi Foundation,
which developed it.
Linux distributions such as Raspbian "wheezy" are available as the operating